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Search Tips:

Multiple words are treated as a phrase unless separated by a comma

Search term

Search results (items including the following terms and combinations)

Columbia river

The phrase: Columbia river

Columbia, river

Columbia or river or rivers


film, films, filming, filmed


film, films, filming, filmed

filming AND river

(film, films, filming, filmed) AND river

filming OR river

film, films, filming, filmed, river

filming NOT river

film, films, filming, filmed, but NOT river


Columbia or column (or other words that start with "colum")

If you are unsure of the spelling, or more than one spelling may be used, include alternative spellings as separate search terms

  • Example:
    To search for the word "defense" with an alternate spelling of "defence", search for either:
  • defense, defence
  • defense OR defence



Reviewed 20 June 2016


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