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Water resources management has always been faced with hydrologic extremes caused by climate variability. Climate change is one of many dynamic processes affecting water resources, and there is mounting evidence that these changes are increasing the vulnerability of the Nation's water resources. Water managers must adapt to changing conditions and requirements, while also balancing multiple, competing uses for water among a diverse group of stakeholders. This team addresses climate impacts and adaptation for water management holistically through a gap analysis that builds on an interagency effort by USACE, Bureau of Reclamation, USGS, and NOAA (Brekke et al 2011 and Raff et al 2013). USACE is currently developing methods to incorporate climate change in updates to drought contingency plans, and enhancing reservoir sediment information to better understand the impacts of climate change on reservoir sedimentation.

For more information on drought contingency plans, see Drought Contingency Plans Fact Sheet (pdf, 186 KB). For more on updates to drought contingency plans in regards to climate change, see Update Drought Contingency Plans.

Reviewed 20 June 2016


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