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The Responses to Climate Change (RCC) Program recognizes that USACE and its partners have reached a "tipping point" where we now have a sufficient understanding of climate change processes to apply adaptation measures at a local to regional scale. Building on existing science and knowledge, the Responses to Climate Change Program is developing methods, policies and processes for effective adaptation of our projects, systems and programs to climate change.

The Program provides immediate knowledge transfer to related USACE activities that addresses different classes of projects (e.g., of authorized but not yet constructed), additional classes of change (e.g., demographic, social values, land use, political values), and climate change mitigation. The RCC also identifies knowledge and technology gaps to guide research and development activities, and transfers knowledge and technology to other USACE programs. RCC Program team members will remain actively engaged with global climate change discussions and investigations inside and outside the USACE as they begin to implement adaptation projects. RCC Program demonstration projects allow USACE to start the process of adaptation while continuing to test and refine analyses supporting climate change adaptation.

Reviewed 20 June 2016


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