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Procedures to Evaluate Sea Level Change Impacts, Responses, and Adaptation

December 2-3, 2010
Washington, DC

Complete Agenda (pdf, 22 KB)

Thursday 2 December

8:30 Welcome and Introductions

Heidi Moritz, NWP
Henry Langlois, IWR

8:40 Background on SLC ETL and Goal of Workshop

Heidi Moritz, NWP (pdf, 1.8 MB)

8:50 Policy and Guidance Update

Kate White, IWR (pdf, 1.8 MB)

9:05 Ongoing Development of Planning and Risk-Informed Decision-Making Guidance

Brian Harper, IWR (pdf, 782 KB)

9:30 Team Discussion

9:45 Implementation Level of Detail and Analysis Required by Project Phase

Patrick O'Brien, MVD (pdf, 1.69 MB)

10:05 Applying EC 1165-2-211 to USACE Decision Documents: Experiences and Challenges

Tessa Bernhardt, SPN (pdf, 563 KB)

10:25 Team Discussion: Level and Form of Planning Information in ETL

11:15 Developing Global SLR Scenarios with Different Levels of Information

Robert Nicholls, University of Southampton (pdf, 2.90 MB)

11:40 Evaluating Potential Changes in the Timing and Frequency of Events/Exposure Related to SLC

Dave Kriebel, U.S. Naval Academy (pdf, 1.47 MB)

12:05 Team Discussion — Timing, Thresholds, Tipping Points

2:00 Developing SLR Adaptation Strategies in the UK, Illustrated from the Thames Estuary 2100 Strategy

Jonathan Simm, HR Wallingford (pdf, 5.63 MB)

2:25 Utilizing EC 1165-2-211 and a Simple Adaptive Management Example

John Headland, Moffatt & Nichol (pdf, 1.79 MB)

2:50 Team Discussion

3:50 Data Input, Analysis, and Requirements Subgroup

Steve Gill, NOAA and Andy Garcia, ERDC (pdf, 1.60 MB)

4:15 Resilient Coastal Communities and Environments

Kevin Moody, FHWA

4:40 First Day Summary and Wrap-up

Friday 3 December

8:30 Navigation Structures and Channels Subgroup

Tom Smith, POH (pdf, 3.45 MB)

9:00 Team Discussion

9:25 Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Subgroup

Mike Wutkowski, SAW and Matt Schrader, SAJ (pdf, 875 KB)

9:55 Team Discussion

10:50 Flood Control and Risk, Water Supply, Drainage Subgroup

Dennis Mekkers, SAM (pdf, 1.57 MB)

11:20 Team Discussion

1:15 Ecosystems and Environment Subgroup

Mark Shafer, Glenn Landers, SAJ (pdf, 7.35 MB)

1:45 Team Discussion

2:10 Planning Guidance Update

Henri Langlois, IWR (pdf, 222 KB)

2:40 Team Discussion

3:35 United Kingdom Shoreline Management Plans

Johnathan Simm, HR Wallingford (pdf, 222 KB)

4:05 Team Discussion

4:30 Second Day Summary and Wrap-up



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