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New Climate Change and Hydrology Literature Syntheses Released

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2-digit Hydrologic Unit Code Boundaries for the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

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Recent US Climate Change and Hydrology Literature Applicable to US Army Corps of Engineers Missions Report Cover



ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has released new regional climate change and hydrology literature syntheses for Carribean Region, Great Basin Region, Upper Colorado Region and Upper Mississippi Region.

The reports are part of a series of 21 regional climate syntheses prepared by USACE under the leadership of the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) Global and Climate Change team at the scale of 2-digit U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUC) across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

These newly posted Civil Works Technical Reports are:

  • California Region: Water Resources Region 18. This report focuses on Water Resources Region 18, the California Region. The California Region is within the USACE Los Angeles district, Sacramento district, and San Francisco district territories, with an exception of a small portion of the region which is within Mexico.
    Report: High Resolution (pdf, 12.07 MB) | Low Resolution (pdf, 4.02 MB)
  • Carribean Region: Water Resources Region 21. The Caribbean Region is within the South Atlantic Division. The Antilles Area Office (SFAO) is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is the only Jacksonville USACE District Area Office located in Puerto Rico. The area also covers the Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
    Report: High Resolution (pdf, 9.38 MB) | Low Resolution (pdf, 2.77 MB)
  • Great Basin Region: Water Resources Region 16. The majority of the region is within the USACE Sacramento district territory, however, Water Resources Region 16 also extends into the USACE Walla Walla and Los Angeles districts.
    Report: High Resolution (pdf, 10.64 MB) | Low Resolution (pdf, 3.38 MB)
  • Upper Colorado Region: Water Resources Region 14. The Upper Colorado Region is within the South Pacific Division. The Sacramento and Albuquerque USACE districts each include territory within the Upper Colorado Region.
    Report: High Resolution (pdf, 10.18 MB) | Low Resolution (pdf, 2.98 MB)
  • Upper Mississippi Region: Water Resources Region 07. The St. Paul, Chicago, Rock Island, and St. Louis USACE districts each include territory within Water Resources Region 07.
    Report: High Resolution (pdf, 11.16 MB) | Low Resolution (pdf, 3.57 MB)

USACE is increasingly considering potential climate change impacts when undertaking long-term planning, setting priorities and making decisions that affect resources, programs, policies and operations.

Each of these regional reports summarizes observed and projected climate and hydrological patterns cited in reputable peer-reviewed literature and authoritative national and regional reports, and characterizes climate threats to USACE business lines, (e.g., flood risk management). They also provide context and linkage to other agency resources for climate resilience planning, such as downscaled climate data for subregions and watershed vulnerability assessment tools.

Kathleen D. White, PhD, PE, and Jeffrey R. Arnold, PhD, of IWR's Global and Climate Change team are leading the effort. More information about these regional climate change and hydrology literature syntheses and other vulnerability assessments and reporting can be found on the Responses to Climate Change website.

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